Blockchain for Sustainable Impact: Unveiling Latin America’s Innovations

Blockchain for Sustainable Impact: Unveiling Latin America’s Innovations report is the result of a collaboration between the INATBA Social Impact and Sustainability Working Group members (, ClimateCoin, IOTA, NYALA), the INATBA Governmental Advisory Board member LACChain, and PositiveBlockchain. This comprehensive report explores the landscape of sustainability, conservation, and social impact within Latin America (LATAM) and the […]

Carbon credits from forest conservation exaggerate impact of ill-targeted REDD+ projects

Carbon credits from forest conservation have been seen as a promising tool to help mitigate climate change by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the Global South. They offer a mechanism for companies and individuals to compensate for – or ‘offset’ – their own carbon footprint. Carbon credits from so-called REDD+ projects – reducing emissions from deforestation and […]

Carbon is an indicator of soil quality and its productive potential.

Carbon is an indicator of soil quality and its productive potential. With the Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries of the Argentine Nation, Aapresid and CREA we made a map of the carbon reserve of Argentine soils to contribute to the design of conservation strategies.Find out all the details about this job here:

Extreme Temperatures Around The World

South America is living one of the extreme events the world has ever seen Unbelievable temperatures up to 38.9C in the Chilean Andine areas in mid winter ! Much more than what Southern Europe just had in mid summer at the same elevation: This event is rewriting all climatic books more info:

Investors ramping up corporate disclosure requests on forestry and water

A record number of investors are targeting companies to report on key sustainability issues like climate change, forestry and water, with environmental disclosure platforms CDP finding that companies are more likely to disclose information when directly engaged by financial institutions rather than coalitions or groups. That is the key message from CDP’s 2022 Non-Disclosure Campaign, […]

Raising the flag on soil carbon credits

There’s a lot to like about ecosystem service payments to farmers. Ecosystem services are defined as “the benefits people obtain from nature,” and include food production, soil formation, biodiversity restoration, as well as climate and water regulation. Stewards of ecosystems, including farmers, should be compensated for the myriad co-benefits that result from their work. Plus, we need […]

Live Carbon Prices Today Live Carbon Prices Last Change YTD Compliance Markets European Union €76.34 +0.41 % −4.58 % California $29.07 – 0.00 % Australia (AUD) $33.80 – 0.00 % New Zealand (NZD) $74.75 −0.33 % −2.19 % South Korea $10.34 −1.13 % −17.81 % China $8.02 −5.17 % −4.84 % Voluntary Markets Aviation Industry Offset $3.10 – […]


Departamento de Energia dos EUA investe US$ 3,7 bilhões em tecnologias de remoção de carbono O Departamento de Energia dos EUA (DOE) anunciou o lançamento de quatro programas de fomento à indústria de remoção de dióxido de carbono nos Estados Unidos. Esses programas representando US$ 3,7 bilhões em financiamentos do Governo, ajudarão a acelerar investimentos […]

Five Key Takeaways from COP27

Although the UN Climate Change Conference COP27 is behind us, the decisions taken in Sharm el-Sheikh require all countries to make an extra effort to address the climate crisis – starting now. Or as UN Secretary-General António Guterres put it, “COP27 concludes with much homework and little time.” So what did COP27 achieve and what […]